YYJ Equinox Review


Diameter: 69.92 mm

Width: 47.24

Weight: 73.6 grams

Bearing: size n


The first thing i noticed about this yoyo is that it’s quite a bit smaller than most other off-string yoyos I’ve tried, but its still a little bigger than 1a yoyos. In the photograph below, you can compare the size of the Equinox to the Bigyo2 (right) and the Dark Magic (left). The Equinox is made out of tough polycarbonate, with aircraft aluminum weight rings in the body of the yoyo (like the PHENOMism, SFX, Destiny, etc.). This was a first for 4a yoyos. This is a durable yoyo that you can easily bounce on a hard surface.


I have to say, the weight rings make a HUGE difference! The equinox’s spin time is superior to every other 4a yoyo – at least the ones I’ve gotten my hands on. The weight rings also greatly improve it’s grinding abilities over all-plastic yoyos. Its small size allows for somewhat easy chopstick tricks, which would be nearly impossible on yoyos such as the big-yo. One thing that’s really surprising about the Equinox is it’s ability to achieve amazing bounce heights. It bounces well on a variety of surfaces too – such as a wood floor, asphalt and hard-packed dirt. One downside to the Equinox is that whips are slightly harder to catch (which is perhaps a drawback due to its smaller size). Whips can nevertheless be mastered with a bit of practice. If you’re just starting out on off-string, the Equinox should definitely should not be your first 4a yoyo.

Final thoughts:

The Equinox’s negative points are more than made up for by the benefits of this magnificent yoyo. Great spin times, chopsticks, grinds, and overall awesomeness help make it my favorite offstring yoyo. If you’re looking for a yoyo to move on to more advanced 4a tricks, don’t hesitate to get the Equinox.

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