Moon Rabbit Nylon String Review

Moon Rabbit Toys is a little store in Santa Fe NM. They sell some great toys, including a few yoyos, and nylon yoyo string. I bought some blue strings for 40 cents each.

Look and feel

The string is a rich color blue, that gets lighter when you break it in. The blue isn’t as dark as yoyoexpert’s blue poly, but it isn’t a light blue either. It comes about 2 1/2 – 4 inches shorter than standard yoyoexpert string, and is slightly softer than polyester, but not as soft as 50/50 or cotton.


As you would expect, it’s short length makes it play much faster than stock yoyoexpert string (you could always shorten them though). I find that it is very unresponsive but still gives surprisingly tight binds. Perfect string tension is easy to get, and lasts longer than all my polyester strings.


  • fast
  • softer than poly, not as soft as cotton or 50/50
  • lasts longer than most polyester and way longer than 50/50 and cotton
  • unresponsive
  • very tight binds (but no snags)
  • good string tension
Moon Rabbit Toys phone #, email, and website:
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