Weekly Rat Report: Introduction, and new stuff

Hey guys, mq here, and this is the first of a weekly series I am starting. Every Saturday, I’ll come on here and discuss the latest updates in the yoyo world, and give my honest opinion on them (sorry this one is late). It occasionally might be in video form, (in which case I’ll also post it here) but I’m not sure yet. So anyway, here it is.

Some of you might have noticed, yoyofactory redid their website (http://www.yoyofactory.com/). I now includes a much cleaner look, a section with trick tutorials, and what is soon to be an updated team list. It also includes something else. in fact, three other things. They’re called the Avante Garde, Legend, and S.S. Whistling.

Avante Garde (http://www.yoyofactory.com/avante-garde/)

Some of you might have heard of this one. Due to Mr. B!st (owner of B!st/Bist and famous modder), this yoyo as become quite controversial. He accused yoyofactory (as well as many other companies) of copying his designs, and mentioned this yoyo, the avante garde, in particular. He said that they copied his concept of the futuro. Here is a quote from Mr. B!st:

 On the subject of yyf and the futuro, recently yyf ben showed the avantgard, and he did it as though he had created the yoyo of the century, unfortunetly they understood that is a yoyo with the same principle feature as the furuto and the centauro magituto 4.

and also:

It’s annoying, that i did not gain anything from all of these ideas, to see that there is who, besides taking them in order to obtain personal gain, is not disturbed not even to give credit to who ‘gave’ them the umpteenth idea in order to make money.

i also found these two pictures The first one is yoyofactory’s design, the second is Bist’s. You can see how they both have a simmilar concept, but different overall designs

I’ll let you decide what you want about all this.

Legend (http://www.yoyofactory.com/legend/)

This is a pretty straight forward yoyo. It’s a one piece, wood, fixed axle, imperial shaped yoyo. It is meant to be a yoyo “just like in the good ‘ol days.” It comes in black, red, and blue, and is part of yoyofactory’s premium series (examples of other yyf premiums: MVP, 888x, DNA, etc.).

weight: 46.6 g

diameter: 57.53 mm

width: 31.47 mm

gap width: 3 mm

I think it’s ok that they came out with a wood yoyo, but just stupid that they put it in their premium series. It’s just a collector’s item, not some great yoyo like some of the other “premium” yoyos. It is currently available in some Japanese stores like yoyostorerewind.com

S.S. Whistling (http://www.yoyofactory.com/stainless-whistling-yoyo/)

Ok, this thing looks pretty cool. it’s stainless steel (thats what S.S. stands for), with  stainless steel caps (kinda like the spyy pure’s caps, but a different material). It also has a series of holes in the rim which allows it to whistle. To me, it looks kinda like it’ll be a gimmick (a cool gimmick 🙂 ), but I cant know for sure, since I haven’t tried it.

here’s what yoyoskills had about it:  http://www.yoyoskills.com/?p=8441

I also managed to find out something else…………JENSEN KIMMITT IS BACK ON YOUTUBE!!! And if you didn’t already know, he is back on clyw!!! (yay!) Here’s a qoute form him (it was a comment on one of his videos)



He so far has 23 thumb ups. 🙂  So here is his channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/LilScrappyFetusCrew

One of his videos features the new clyw, the Canvas. Its the same size as the peak, and has no nub. Heres the link:


So that concludes this weeks Rat Report. And don’t forget to read the next one next Saturday!

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