The Rat Report

More canvas info! Seems like they’ll only be sold through, and they’re painted! they look cool:

yyf avant garde and legend are at now!—Special-Pre-Production

the legend is waaayyy over hyped. There have been plenty of one piece wooden yoyos, yyf is acting like they did something special.

and i can’t forget the Werrds!

split decision, poo, and irony.

split decision: removable, inter-changeable, delrin, rims. This thing looks awesome. The usa has been waiting for these for a long, time, and we finally got ’em. Its available at (as well as the other to werrds) with three different rims (johnny 5, speed, and anti-superstar).

poo: Skip’s sig. I don’t like the shape, but the nub is awesome, it looks like a piece of…..

Irony: I liked it better when Andrew Bergen was on werrd 😥  This was supposed to be his signature, until he left for yyf 😦  The yoyo looks awesome though. Fast, stable w/ a good sleep time.

More Werrds?

the rhinoplasty:

coming soon? I hope?


sorry this rat report was late 😦 i was sick.






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