Ilyy Video Contest Winner

is me!
I really like the Lio, you need to get one..

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44 Clash Results

The 44 clash results are in!


1. Anthony Rojas

2. Hiroyuki Suzuki

3. Hidemasa Semba


1. Shu Takada

2. Grant Johnson

3. Shunsuke Kawaka


1. Rei Iwakura

2. Hank Freeman

3. Tsubasa Onishi


For full results click here:

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New Stuff

The GoBig (Ben Conde 4a yoyo) is out at yoyoexpert. along with the Xcon pro (JD 1a yoyo). I got to try the xcon, and I really liked it. It’s small wide and fast. The gobig looks cool, especially during his performance at the worlds.


xcon pro:

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Rat Report

There will be no rat report this weekend. Sorry! 😦

But I promise I’ll have TONS of stuff for you next week  >:D  (laughs sneakily)

In the mean time, go check out, they’ve got yoyojokers and fools-gold (b-grade) avalanches (with free t-shirt) just released. The yoyojokers are a little too expensive for me.

New releases:


Fools-gold avalanches:

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New Yoyos at YYE!

New spyy Ronin colors:

One Drop Cafe Racer:


YYF 888.11:














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YYF Announces new yoyo: “2.0”

Apparently, it wont be available online, only in physical  retail stores. Anyway, here’s the pics and specs (from

2.0 by YoYoFactory
50mm dia
40mm wid
4.6mm gap
large bearing

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WYYC Results!


  1. Marcus Koh
  2. Sebastian Brock
  3. Gentry Stein


  1. Shinji Saito
  2. Yasushi Furakawa
  3. Ryo Yamashita


  1. Hank Freeman
  2. Alex Hattori
  3. Tailchiro Higashi


  1. Naoto Okada
  2. Brian Figueroa
  3. Tsubasa Onishi


  1. Takeshi Matsura
  2. Takuma Inoue
  3. Samuel Scott

AP (Artistic Performance)

  1. Takahiko Hasegawa
  2. Justin Weber
  3. Hironori Mii

Congratulations to everyone!

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New Yoyojams: GoBig and Luxe LTD

Here’s a link to were i found them:

also, a video of Ben at the wyyc using what looks like his new signature yoyo (the GoBig)

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2011 WYYC (World YoYo contest) live stream

there it is 🙂

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New SPYY Ronin colors!

They look pretty cool! And they’re shipping to stores now!

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