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The GoBig (Ben Conde 4a yoyo) is out at yoyoexpert. along with the Xcon pro (JD 1a yoyo). I got to try the xcon, and I really liked it. It’s small wide and fast. The gobig looks cool, especially during his performance at the worlds.


xcon pro:

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Moon Rabbit Nylon String Review

Moon Rabbit Toys is a little store in Santa Fe NM. They sell some great toys, including a few yoyos, and nylon yoyo string. I bought some blue strings for 40 cents each.

Look and feel

The string is a rich color blue, that gets lighter when you break it in. The blue isn’t as dark as yoyoexpert’s blue poly, but it isn’t a light blue either. It comes about 2 1/2 – 4 inches shorter than standard yoyoexpert string, and is slightly softer than polyester, but not as soft as 50/50 or cotton.


As you would expect, it’s short length makes it play much faster than stock yoyoexpert string (you could always shorten them though). I find that it is very unresponsive but still gives surprisingly tight binds. Perfect string tension is easy to get, and lasts longer than all my polyester strings.


  • fast
  • softer than poly, not as soft as cotton or 50/50
  • lasts longer than most polyester and way longer than 50/50 and cotton
  • unresponsive
  • very tight binds (but no snags)
  • good string tension
Moon Rabbit Toys phone #, email, and website:
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ILYY Falcon 2011 Review

Reviewed by Maranellokid


This year’s Falcon is sporting the candy blast finish (instead of the candodize finish seen on the 2010 Falcon). On the inside we find the standard ILYY sILYYcone, with the ILYY cmk metric bearing, with c-clip shields installed. Another thing I noticed was that the guts area was masked off from the candy blast (to prevent string wear).

First impressions:

The first thing that I noticed was its very straight forward design. It had my favorite diameter of 54mm, and large width of 44.2mm. The spikes are much smaller than Spyy’s spikes (like on the Punchline), but also a lot sharper. With a lot of it’s 67.5 grams packed into the rims, this yoyo sleeps a long time, but is by no means hefty on the string.


I noticed that this yoyo has a little bit of a float to it, but it goes away as one progresses into faster combos, when it becomes quick and nimble. The combination of the shape and candy blast finish makes this yoyo excel at arm grinds (and all other grinds too). Due to the heavily packed rims, the falcon is incredibly stable, but I wouldn’t recommend it for horizontal yoyoing. The spikes are are sharp and successful, just like a falcon’s beak.

In the end, the ILYY Falcon soars above the rest!

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YYJ Equinox Review


Diameter: 69.92 mm

Width: 47.24

Weight: 73.6 grams

Bearing: size n


The first thing i noticed about this yoyo is that it’s quite a bit smaller than most other off-string yoyos I’ve tried, but its still a little bigger than 1a yoyos. In the photograph below, you can compare the size of the Equinox to the Bigyo2 (right) and the Dark Magic (left). The Equinox is made out of tough polycarbonate, with aircraft aluminum weight rings in the body of the yoyo (like the PHENOMism, SFX, Destiny, etc.). This was a first for 4a yoyos. This is a durable yoyo that you can easily bounce on a hard surface.


I have to say, the weight rings make a HUGE difference! The equinox’s spin time is superior to every other 4a yoyo – at least the ones I’ve gotten my hands on. The weight rings also greatly improve it’s grinding abilities over all-plastic yoyos. Its small size allows for somewhat easy chopstick tricks, which would be nearly impossible on yoyos such as the big-yo. One thing that’s really surprising about the Equinox is it’s ability to achieve amazing bounce heights. It bounces well on a variety of surfaces too – such as a wood floor, asphalt and hard-packed dirt. One downside to the Equinox is that whips are slightly harder to catch (which is perhaps a drawback due to its smaller size). Whips can nevertheless be mastered with a bit of practice. If you’re just starting out on off-string, the Equinox should definitely should not be your first 4a yoyo.

Final thoughts:

The Equinox’s negative points are more than made up for by the benefits of this magnificent yoyo. Great spin times, chopsticks, grinds, and overall awesomeness help make it my favorite offstring yoyo. If you’re looking for a yoyo to move on to more advanced 4a tricks, don’t hesitate to get the Equinox.

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Crucial grooved concave bearing quick review

As we all know, Born Crucial recently came out with a new bearing. It’s concave like the Dif-e-o kk, but with a groove in the center.

Sizes: so far, it only comes in size C

Play: As I expected, this bearing makes yoyos extremely unresponsive, so it’s not a good yoyo for a beginner.  On the other hand, it’s awesome for the more advanced yoyoer. I also noticed that it gives the yoyo a far greater floatiness, so if you like your throws solid, this yoyo isn’t for you. The peak plays exceptionally well with this bearing. it completely gets rid of its solid feel, and gives it just the right amount of float.

Where to buy:

  • (when they get a restock)
half the peak with a crucial grooved concave bearing

The Peak with a crucial grooved concave bearing

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