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ILYY Falcon 2011 Review

Reviewed by Maranellokid


This year’s Falcon is sporting the candy blast finish (instead of the candodize finish seen on the 2010 Falcon). On the inside we find the standard ILYY sILYYcone, with the ILYY cmk metric bearing, with c-clip shields installed. Another thing I noticed was that the guts area was masked off from the candy blast (to prevent string wear).

First impressions:

The first thing that I noticed was its very straight forward design. It had my favorite diameter of 54mm, and large width of 44.2mm. The spikes are much smaller than Spyy’s spikes (like on the Punchline), but also a lot sharper. With a lot of it’s 67.5 grams packed into the rims, this yoyo sleeps a long time, but is by no means hefty on the string.


I noticed that this yoyo has a little bit of a float to it, but it goes away as one progresses into faster combos, when it becomes quick and nimble. The combination of the shape and candy blast finish makes this yoyo excel at arm grinds (and all other grinds too). Due to the heavily packed rims, the falcon is incredibly stable, but I wouldn’t recommend it for horizontal yoyoing. The spikes are are sharp and successful, just like a falcon’s beak.

In the end, the ILYY Falcon soars above the rest!

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New Yoyos at YYE!

New spyy Ronin colors:  http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/248/SPYY-Ronin

One Drop Cafe Racer: http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/427/One-Drop-Cafe-Racer

YYF JK:http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/425/YYF-JK

YYF 888.11: http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/426/YYF-888.11














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YYF Announces new yoyo: “2.0”

Apparently, it wont be available online, only in physical  retail stores. Anyway, here’s the pics and specs (from yoyofactoy.com):

2.0 by YoYoFactory
50mm dia
40mm wid
4.6mm gap
large bearing

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ILYY Enigma

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WYYC Results!


  1. Marcus Koh
  2. Sebastian Brock
  3. Gentry Stein


  1. Shinji Saito
  2. Yasushi Furakawa
  3. Ryo Yamashita


  1. Hank Freeman
  2. Alex Hattori
  3. Tailchiro Higashi


  1. Naoto Okada
  2. Brian Figueroa
  3. Tsubasa Onishi


  1. Takeshi Matsura
  2. Takuma Inoue
  3. Samuel Scott

AP (Artistic Performance)

  1. Takahiko Hasegawa
  2. Justin Weber
  3. Hironori Mii

Congratulations to everyone!

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New Yoyojams: GoBig and Luxe LTD

Here’s a link to were i found them:


also, a video of Ben at the wyyc using what looks like his new signature yoyo (the GoBig)

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2011 WYYC (World YoYo contest) live stream


there it is 🙂

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New SPYY Ronin colors!

They look pretty cool! And they’re shipping to stores now!


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Vote for Ian Johnson on Americas got Talent!

call 1-866-602-4806 to vote!

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